About the Firm

At Achterberg Angell & Craft LLC, we are here to serve you. Responsive. Dependable. Personal. Dedicated. These four words sum up the legal services provided by, Samantha Angell and Catherine Craft.

We honestly believe that more than anything else, law is about people - people such as you, who perhaps have been placed in a situation you are not prepared to handle. Odds are if you are reading this, you are doing so at what may be a very difficult time in your life. Perhaps someone you love is in the hospital, injured in a car accident caused by another driver. You may be in desperate need of a Will or Power of Attorney. You may be in the midst of a bitter custody battle.

The first thing we want you to know is that we are ready to listen and lend our assistance. At this time in your life when so many things seem uncertain, we can be something stable for you to rely on. We are also ready to act – immediately, if necessary. If you have been in an accident, we can be on the scene with experts within hours, gathering the kind of evidence that disappears with time. If legal work is part of the solution, we will be your staunchest ally and advocate.

Connie Achterberg began private practice in Salina, Kansas in 1959; she passed away in 2017 leaving a long-lasting legacy of service and advocacy. Samantha joined her in 1999. Catherine joined the Firm in 2014. Andrea joined the practice in 2018. Since 1959, the Firm has been serving clientele with diverse legal needs.

Samantha’s practice focuses on personal injury claims; serious car, truck, and motorcycle accidents; wrongful death claims; brain and head injury cases; and nursing home negligence claims. She also has over 15 years of experience in estate and probate law, family law, and provides mediation services in the area of divorce and family law.

Catherine has over 20 years of experience in family law including divorce, custody, child support and adoption. She also provides mediation services on family issues.